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Annual Reports

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The Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translation (CIDT) is an Egyptian limited liability company, registered under number 59123 at the Cairo registry for investment on June 2012. CIDT is licensed to carry out the following tasks

  •  Publishing books and translations.
  • Arranging and organizing workshops, symposiums and conferences, as well as publishing non-periodical reports in the field of the company’s purpose.
  • Operating a center for training and improving human resources
  • Offering advice (except in cases related to financial markets, legal questions, questions or analysis about evaluations in order to increase capital or buyouts, also financial questions regarding the activities of companies operating within the financial field and which are stated in subject 27 of the law of financial markets and its executive regulation).

CIDT began as a limited partnership company in late 2005, providing summary translations of Egyptian Media and reports for the Arab West Report, published by the Stichting Arab-West Foundation in the Netherlands. CIDT builds on the translation and database work started by Cornelis Hulsman and Sawsan Gabra in 1997. In 2012 the limited partnership company was closed and CIDT Limited Liability Company was established.