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Commercial Translation Services

We can provide you with accurate and speedy translation services of contracts, legal documents, manuals, reports and articles from Arabic to English, German, Dutch and Danish. Translations are undertaken by qualified professionals to ensure the highest quality of work. Contact us for a quota today! Discounts can be arranged for regular work or large volumes.

Tailored Research

Here at CIDT, we specialize in researching contemporary social, cultural and political phenomena in Egypt and within the greater Middle East. Are you seeking reports for conferences, meetings, seminars or other events to do with peace-building, human rights, Islamism and other ideologies in the Middle East, we can aid you. For a sample of our works published please see our research or contact us today!

Media Guidance and Project Facilitation in Egypt

Filming and reporting in Egypt requires permits only attainable through Egypt's many ministries, here at CIDT we have gotten to know and understand this system intimately and if requested can aid you in conducting your affairs. 

Organising high-level interviews

With over 35  years of experience working in Egypt, CIDT Director, Cornelis Hulsman, has built up an extensive network or contacts through which CIDT sources a great deal of its own interviews to gain a greater understanding of Egypt and its cultural and political affairs and with which we can help you too!

Seminars and Conferences

We can organize and facilitate workshops, conferences and seminars through the use of our extensive professional network in a number of fields.

Research facilities

We can provide in-house research facilities to students and professors focusing on the Middle East and specifically inter-communal relations in Egypt.Read about our research assistance programme here.

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