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Invoicing Regulations

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CIDT invoicing rules are based upon the requirements outlined by Egyptian tax authorities and auditing regulations. Requirements are designed to ensure payment, adherence to tax regulations, and prevent fraudulent activities.
  1. Invoices should be presented in Arabic or English.
  2. All invoices are subject to review and must be in line with contracts or agreements that are concluded in advance i.e. invoices must be formulated on agreed upon conditions.
  3. To avoid delay of payments, a pro forma invoice is required, which will be approved or modified within 3 working days, otherwise the pro forma invoice is considered as agreed and a final invoice is subject to be presented.
  4. Invoices within Egypt or from abroad must be signed by hand (scans can be admitted if the original is sent by normal post mail).
  5. All local invoices; agencies, supplies or services; are subject to Egyptian withholding tax from 0.5% up to 5%.
  6. Each local invoice should refer to the tax registration and card file number.
  7. The offshore invoices are subject to Egyptian withholding tax which is 20%.
  8. The offshore invoices should satisfy with Egyptian tax regulations by filling up the minimum requirements of information as per the invoice template below.