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Chapter contribution: Egypt - The Church Under Pressure

Chapter Egypt - The Church Under Pressure in: Freedom of Belief & Christian Mission. Hans Aage Gravaas, Christof Sauer, Tormod Engelsviken, Maqsood Kamil, Knud Jørgensen (eds), Edinburgh Series, Oxford Center for Mission Studies, UK, 2015.

The editors asked Cornelis Hulsman and Ramez Atallah to write the chapter about Egypt. This chapter gives a thorough introduction to inter-communal relations in Egypt since the Islamic opening in the 7th century until today. It outlines the main internal and external challenges in the Coptic Orthodox Church and the interplay between the irenic, neutral, and antagonistic views developed by classical Islamic scholars that continue to define Muslim perceptions of Christianity today. Ramez Atallah goes on to outline the challenges to Copts as they were experienced after the 2011 revolution. This chapter was also published as a paper in Dialogue Across Borders.

Christen in Ägypten: Die wachsende Kluft zwischen Islamisten und Nicht-Islamisten

Cornelis Hulsman (ed.) Contributors; Hina Fathima, Robert A. Forster
Internationales Katholisches Missionsverk e.V., Germany, 2013
ISSN: 1618-6222

Egypt witnessed a growing number of sectarian incidents in the lead-up to the forced deposal of President Muhammed Morsi in June 2013. Seeking to contextualize these events, this book investigates challenges and dangers with the politicization of religion in contemporary in Egypt. With the permission of the publisher, this paper was published by Arab West Report, under the title Christian Victims of the Growth Islamist non-Islamist Divide; The Urgent need for Peace and Reconciliation.

The Sharia as the Main Source of Legislation?

Cornelis Hulsman (ed.) Contributors; Jayson Casper, Nushin Atmaca, Usamah Salamah, Fatma al-Zanaty, Patricia Prentice and Hani Labib
Tectum Verlag, Marburg, Germany, 2013
ISBN 978-3-8288-3067-7


As Egypt enters a new phase of transition with its first Islamist government, there is a fear regarding  the push for implementation of Islamic law through Article II of the Constitution. This book wants to spark a fruitful exchange by offering an unprecedented look into this debate in Egypt. Providing statistical analysis, interviews, as well as contributions by many Egyptian officials it allows readers to develop an informed position on this matter.

المادة الثانية من الدستور المصري - نحو مسارات جديدة al- Mādah al- Thāniyya man al- Dustūr al- Masrī – Nahū Masārāt Jadīdah

The Arabic was authored by:
Hani Labib (ed), Dr. Fatimah al-Zanati and Muhammad al-Ghazali, Usama Salama, Dr. Nabil Ahmad Hilmi

Center for Intercultural Dialogue and Translations, Egypt, 2012


This book, entitled Article II of the Egyptian Constitution - Towards New Paths provides and indepth overview of the debates and opinions surrounding the writing of Egypt's post-Revolutionary constitution in 2012.