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Founder | Ir. Sawsan Gabra Ayoub Khalil
Ir. Sawsan Gabra Ayoub Khalil is the founder of CIDT in 2005 and is since 2012 the main partner in the Limited Liability Company. For more information see here.
Co-founder | Amr Sherif
Journalist, long-time translator for Arab-West Report, minority shareholder in the Limited Liability Company.
Director | Dr. Matthew Anderson
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Senior Advisor | Cornelis Hulsman
Cornelis Hulsman was the director of CIDT and Editor-in-chief of Arab-West Report/Dialogue Across Borders between 2005 and September 15, 2022. He is a sociologist and an expert on Arab-West and Muslim-Christian relations and a foremost expert on Copts and the Holy Family tradition. With the appointment of Dr. Anderson he became Senior Advisor. For his CV click here.
Office Manager | Mr. Adel Rizkallah
Mr. Rizkallah joined CIDT in April 2013 as Office Manager and Chief Financial Officer and has over 35 years of experience in financial and administrative management with various multinational companies.To see his CV, click here.
Editor | Sara Abdelhamid
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Database editor | Shady Saleh
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Consultant | Koen Vliegenthart
Chairman Stichting Arab-West Foundation, The Netherlands
auditor Mossad Ebeid