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The Egyptian Constitution of 2014 in Context

Cornelis Hulsman (ed.) Author: Diana Serôdio
Internationales Katholisches Missionsverk e.V., Germany
Following the intense debates surrounding the 2012 constitution, this peer-reviewed paper provides the latest in the CIDT series of reports on the Egyptian Constitution, providing an in-depth and nuanced report detailing the intricacies of the writing process and  debates surrounding it. Based on interviews with a number of prominent Egyptians this report highlights some of the many difficulties surrounding the formulation of a document that represents the Egyptian people and provides the foundation for Egyptian law.

Islamist Movements and Egypt's Transition

Cornelis Hulsman (ed.) Contributors; Eline Kasanwidjojo, Quinta Smit, Jayson Casper, Nick Gjorvad

Tectum Publishing, Germany

Based on interviews conducted in Egypt between January and September 2013, this work seeks to illuminate the status, function and philosophy of Islamist political through and Islamist movements in contemporary Egypt and the Middle East. In a dynamic and rapidly changing political, this volume provides new and fascinating insights into movements including contemporary Salafism, Sinai Jihadists, the Muslim Brotherhood, Jamiyyat al-Islamiyya as well as apolitical Islamist groups and secular political movements.

Chapter contribtion: Egypt - The Church Under Pressure

Knud Jørgensen (ed.) Contributors: Cornelis Hulsman and Ramez Atallah
Edinburgh Series, Oxford Center for Mission Studies, UK
The chapter gives a thorough introduction to inter-communal relations in Egypt since the Islamic opening in the 7th century until today. It outlines the main internal and external challenges in the Coptic Orthodox Church and the interplay between the irenic, neutral and antagonistic views developed by classical Islamic scholars that continue to define Muslim perceptions of Christianity today. Ramez Atallah goes on to outline the challenges to Copts as they were experienced after the 2011 revolution.